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Large 35 x Mixed American Sweets

Large 35 x Mixed American Sweets

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American Large 35 Box Hamper 馃嵀

Brought to you by Simway Trade 馃槉

35 Fresh and Tasty Treats: 馃崿 1 x Big Hunk馃崿 1 x Hershey鈥檚 Bar 馃崿 2 x Airheads 馃崿 1 x Reese's White Peanut Butter Cups馃崿 1 x Tootsie Roll馃崿 1 x YooHoo 馃崿 2 x Twizzlers 馃崿 1 x Sour Punch 馃崿 1 x Dum Dum Lollipop 馃崿 3 x Laffy Taffy鈥檚 馃崿 1 x Sweetarts Mini Roll
馃崿 1 x Atomic Fireball 馃崿 1 x Lemonhead馃崿 1 x Cry Baby 馃崿 1 x Pop Rocks 馃崿 1 x Mike N Ike Box 馃崿 2 x Small Nerds 馃崿 2 x聽Peanut Chews 馃崿 3 x Hershey Mini's 聽馃崿 3 x聽Toxic Waste 馃崿 2 x Now & Later Chews 馃崿1 x Hershey鈥檚 Kiss 馃崿 1 x Reese Single Butter Cup 馃崿 1 x Jolly Rancher 馃崿 1 x Bit O Honey

In the unlikely event that we unfortunately run out of any products we will replace this with a delicious alternative 馃崼

馃嵀 35 Tasty Treats To Enjoy
馃巵 Packed Beautifully In A Box Ready To Gift
馃崼 HUGE Range Of American Sweets Available On Our Store
馃殮 Imported Straight From The USA
馃憤 Date Assured Stock

Please Note: Due to the items been sent through the post the items may have moved around in the box.
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