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Simway Trade Ltd

Mixed American Sweets Jar 500g!

Mixed American Sweets Jar 500g!

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American Pic N Mix Jars
Available in two different sizes 250g & 500g! 
Select your size! 
Each jar could contains a mixture of:


Warheads Sour Candy
Sweetart Mini Roll
Swedish Fish
Tootsie Roll
Jolly Rancher
Tootsie Pop
Sour Patch Kids 
Sour Punch
Now N Later Chews
Cow Tales
Smog Balls
Atomic Fireballs
Dum Dum
Dad's Root Beer
Bit O Honey
Smarties Rolls
Hershey Mini's
Hershey Kisses
Dubble Bubble Gum
Toxic Waste
Pixy Stix
Peanut Butter Bar
Slo Poke
Tootsie Fruit Chews
Reeses Butter Cups
Mallo Cup
Peanut Chews
Casino Chocolate Chips 
and many more... 


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